Abuse Prevention Policy

Malargal Systems(owners of ChennaiStream.com) follows responsible behaviour with reference to its services. It respects the rights of content creators and copyright holders of various content being streamed via its servers. An abuse handling policy is in place for ensuring rights of content owners and avoid misuse of servers.

Users who wish to complain about any abuse/infringement of content rights can send a mail to [email protected] with the following details.

1. Description of the content.
2. Webpage/URL from which it was accessible.
3. Accessing IP address.
4. Date, time & timezone at which it was viewed/observed.
5. Attach a screenshot of the content if possible.
6. Attach a document which shows that you hold the rights to the content in dispute.

Once a complaint is received, it will be forwarded to the customer concerned and their opinion is solicited along with a request to remove the content immediately if they dont own the rights of the disputed content.

Any other queries may be sent to [email protected]